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2001-08-17 02:37:23 (UTC)

exam day!!!!!

today i had my chemistry and math exam. ugh i hope i passed
or i cant go back to my st marys. that would suck if i had
to start over somewhere else in my senior year. so i had
math in the morning and chem in the afternoon. when i got
home at three greg called and he wanted to go to the erie
county fair. so we went and he went bungee jumping and it
poured. then we sat in traffic forever and i almost fell
asleep and then we went to dinner and i came hom. yesterday
i went to the doctor and i am switching medications from
celexa to prozac. i hope this works bc i really dont wan
tot be depressed ne more. my dad finally started talking to
me again today. woo hoo! i still hate him bu the way he
starts convorsations- if you yell at him it would be like
kicking a puppy. err. he is like two diffent people. err.