le soleil et la lune
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2001-08-17 02:32:59 (UTC)

what a nice day

I had a couple of nice suprises today. One was that I ran
into Mike and we talked for a few minutes. He won't be
graduating until next Christmas. But it was nice to see
him and know that not all the druggies at south stokes hate
The other nice suprise was that we got out of school at
11:30 since we had no water.
KT, Casey, Tiff, Amanda, and I ended up at Tiff's house
eating Chinese food and talking about what we found sexy,
physically about guys bodies. Interestingly enough, Kt and
I are both neck and shoulder girls. However, she likes
football player builds, but I like something that is
defined and smooth, if that makes sense. We went swimming
after Casey left, and no one got burned. Yay!!!!! That
could quite possibly be a miracle!