No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-08-17 02:23:12 (UTC)

nothing. nothing at all. i cant do or say anything......

nothing. nothing at all. i cant do or say anything. what is
going on? man, this is making me mad. i cant do anything
without someone my older sister
putting her two cents in (and yes i know i didnt spell that
right) and then she makes me mad and ahhh! i have had a
really really bad night. my mom is getting all on us and
she wasnt gunna let me on line and my sister is killing my
life by saying stuff and everyhting i think i have going
for me i dont. i am just gunna give it to God and leave it
at that. i dont care about what i want anymore. i really
really really dont care. i'm gunna go sleep and calm down.
yeah, that. i'll be fine in the morning. i'm tired. bye!