~*Why Does It Hurt So Bad?*~
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2001-08-17 01:45:26 (UTC)

New Beginnings

Today was an overall good day. i was looking online,
however, for the lyrics for "we cant be friends" by debroah
cox and rl. i did and i printed them out. i was going to
take them in so i could give them to talio bc it was my was
of saying that i cant lie anymore. i cant pertend that
there isnt or wasnt anything between us. i know there is
as well as he does. so i knew he would come in, even tho
he wasnt working. he did. god i know that boy too well.
so i told him to go back in the crew room and to look in my
purse and to get out a paper that was for him. so he did.
then he left. he came back in for a sec, but then left
again. i havent seen him since. i tried calling him, but
he didnt answer. imma try again in a few, and see what

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