~*Why Does It Hurt So Bad?*~
2001-08-17 01:41:08 (UTC)

Well, Am I Surviving?

The next day, i had to work with him. everything was
great. we were best buds. i didnt want to be best buds.
i wanted my boyfriend back. nothing really happened that
day. the only thing that did happen was that i got off at
8 and he got off at 9. i waited for him, but i said that
that was the earliest my mom could pick me up. so then i
was waiting outside, thinking about everything that had
happened in the same spot the night before. i must have
had a weird look on my face, bc he asked me whats was wrong
when he came out. i said nothing, and granted, the boy
knows me in and out. so he asked again, and i said
nothing. so then he said that he had to go and then
said "bye honey." i was pissed. i wouldnt have cared if
he called me sweetie, bc thats what he calls all of his
other girl friends. not me. i have to be different. he
had to go and call me honey. wtf? the reason why im
reacting so weird to being called honey was bc thats what
he always called me when we were together. when he said
that, i realized how much he still cared. it just pissed
me off that he knows how much he cares about me, but that
he cant or wont do anything about it. about us. whatever.