Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
2002-11-16 02:28:17 (UTC)

I'm A Bitch

Current Music: 'Multiply' by Xzibit. Yea, I know, I listen
to metal not hip hop, but I really like this song, it's
catchy! :)

I'm going to be single again. I can't deal with having a
boyfriend. It's not worth the effort. I'd rather just have
lots of close friends.

It's going to be really hard to dump him though. At least I
won't have to see him at school though, he's already
started holidays, because he's two years older than me. It
still won't make it any easier though. He's been writing me
really cute letters and buying me stuff and we've only been
going out for a few weeks.

I cheated on him last night as well. I'd been drinking but
I definately wasn't drunk, so I can't even use it as an
excuse. The guy I cheated on him with is a year older than
me and goes to me school as well. I think it's safe to say
that my boyfriend will find out soon. The guilt hasn't
kicked in yet. It probably will soon though. Oh well,
nothing left to do now except sit and wait!

The weather is really bad. It was hot and sunny yesterday
but now it's rainy and cold. There's nothing to do, so I've
spent most of the day on here, it's about 3.30pm and I'm
still in pajamas!

There isn't really much more to say, I'll make another
entry when I think of something!

Bye Bye