A Cavalier Looks At 27
2002-11-16 01:49:23 (UTC)

November 15, 2002

Today was just an odd day. Grandpa is doing better. I
talked directly to the Dr. today, so I know it's not the
family blowing smoke at me this time. He has an ulcer that
was bleeding. He should be home the begining of next week,
thankfully. Amy, on the other hand, is on bed rest until
the baby is born. So that definitely ups the ante on how
much big brother has to worry about her. I talked to Jamie
for a bit tonight and that was really fun. I kind of like
her :) I talked to Jenny who was kind of in crisis with
her home life, so of course I'm worried about her. She
swears that her ex won't do anything like it, but I worry
about her safety. I must say I;m not his biggest fan
though, especially after he indirefctly stuck me with the
Mellenamp tickets last week. I am looking forward to
spending time with 2 of his little creations though. Other
than that, yeah, it was just a weird day. I did get a
little lift though when somebody I don't even know
commented about my last entry and left a very encouraging
note. Makes me think that there are good people still out
there! Thanks!