The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-08-17 01:05:51 (UTC)

Why Is It Your Feelings Can Be Dictated By Anothers Life

Yea I feel lately my mood is based on wether I get to talk
to tricia or not. Is that healthy. I mean I try to stay
happy but like when I find out Im not gonna be able to talk
to her it bums me out.

I dont get it. Am I that attached to her. I mean I love
her and I would do anything for her. I don't know. Lifes
a game were not allowed to know the rules to. I need to
learn to be happy with what I have.

Take for instance. Tricia. Shes the best. Though I feel
down a lot. Why I should be happy. Shes the perfect
girl. Shes everything I ever wanted and more. I feel safe
telling her things. I know she wont tell anyone the
personal things. Shes cool like that. I need to look at
the good things in life. Not the bad.

Tricia is the greatest thing I've recieved in my life. So
I should be very happy. Im going to be HAPPY. Jay and
Silent Bob movie Aug. 24 go SEE IT.

Yea. Im saying I have to be happy and not a single line of
it is actually happening. Damn life. Who asked me if I
wanted to be born. I guess I didnt have a chocie in that.
Stupid parents. Oh well Im here and need to make the best
of what im given. Which isnt a lot.

I have to go on vacation tommarow. Dammit I dont want to
go. I cant talk to Tricia again possibly untill monday.
That sucks. Why do I have to go. Why do I have to be so
in love with her.


Okay Im a happy go lucky kid. Really I am. Its just I dont
have anything to distract me right now. Good ole school.
Thats when the diversions start.

What elses do I want to say.


Tricia I love you and know that you took my heart home with

Every one else