My Life
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2001-08-17 00:59:14 (UTC)

Yesterday... Oops, forgot to write!

I forgot to write about what I did yesterday! Well here's
what I can remember:
Stephanie and Jenna picked me up and we went shopping for
Jenna's school supplies and stuff at Target. I looked at
the clothes, but they all seemed pretty preppie. Don't
they sell like t-shirts that aren't skimpy and that might
be a little baggy anymore? I was gonna go look in the boys
department, but I decided that might be a little odd.
After shopping we went back to my dad's house and hung
out. We also watched The Blair Witch Project which was
pretty cool. It was a little creepy, especially the end.
Then we watched Austin Powers and ate dinner after that.
Then after dinner Jenna and I went online and talked to
Faisal and some other people. Shortly after that I went
back home and hung around and went to sleep. It was really
hard to get to sleep though because I couldn't stop
thinking about Blair Witch. Hehehehehehe...
That's it, bye now...