My Life
2001-08-17 00:54:11 (UTC)

A Pretty Shmeesh Day

Today was pretty mello. I woke up, did some chores, then
went online for a while. Online I talked to Jenna, my step
sister and friend, and she came over. We looked at each
other's scrapbook and went online and talked to Faisal,
Kelly, and my mom. We also watched a 10 Things I Hate
About You, a REALLY good movie starring Julia Stiles (one
of my favorite actresses). She went home around four and
then I went back online for a while.
When my mom got home I helped her put up the new light
outside because our old one wasn't working. Then we ate
dinner and watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a really cool
show! Then we started watching Galdiator but it got boring
and here I am now!
Tomorrow I'm going to Six Flags - Great America if the
weather is nice. I'm going with my dad, Stephanie, Jenna,
and Matt. There is NO way I'm gonna go on American Eagle,
Raging Bull, or Shockwave. I don't like big drops-losing
my stomach, and for Shockwave your head gets banged around
a lot.
Three of my best friends are on vacation! Dang! Sam is
dropping her brother off at Purdue for the next three days
or so. Justine is in the Dells havin' a good time. And
Kristen is gonna be in Minnesota till Sunday sometime.
I'll have to call Kelly soon...
G2G now, toodles!