Touchstone's Memoirs
2001-01-31 22:37:42 (UTC)

1/31/01 Hello, I have never..


Hello, I have never written a diary before, so i don't
really know where to begin. I guess I will start with a
description of myself. My name is Alex, a high school
student, and I live in New York CIty (the best city in the
world thank you)I am tall with black hair and brown eyes. I
am tall and half European and half Semetic (giving me a
great tan). Blah blah blah, enough of that.
I guess I will start talking about my friends. Right
now, I am having a pretty bad fight with one of my good
friends, Victoria. The whole fight is stupid, but I am
trying to be reasonable, I really am. Anyway, the whole
fight is absolutely stupid. I will try to explain as un-
biasedly as possible. Last Friday, I put my foot on the
table to tie my shoe, not proper of me to do, I admit.
Victoria, who was at the table, who hasn't even
acknowldeged me yet. Okay, I hadn't said hi yet either. But
continuing, she starts yelling at me and calling me
grotesque and disgusting, in a pretty loud voice. We are in
the cafeteria. Anyway, we were just yelling at each other
over that stupid thing, so I left to get some food. My best
friend, Joshua, who was with me when this happened (also
very good friends with Victoria) joined me buying food five
minutes later. He told me that she was still talking about
me even after I had left. Okay, first pause. Who the hell
makes such a big fucking deal over someone putting their
foot on the table. So I go back to the table with Joshua
after we have bought the food. She is talking with another
one of our friends. We sit and just talk with some of the
people their about this and that. Victoria and I were not
talking at all. Later that night she Instant Messages me
asking why I was being so rude, so I asked her why she was
being that way also. So we spend another 10 minutes talking
about the stupid shoe! G-d, please kill me if I ever put my
shoe on a table again. Anyway, she then says I seem to
enjoy when our group fights -- stop--, let me first give a
little background about my friends. We are always in a
fight, not really me because I like neutralality, go
Switzerland!, and I have always been a stong peace maker
trying to get our group to stop fighting. The arguments are
as stupid as this shoe incident -- continue-- This was
completely uncalled for because it had nothing to do with
the conversation, besides it being completely false. So I
said she treated Joshua like shit, which she really does,
and that she shouldn't commenting on me liking fights. SHE
BLEW UP, she was like the bombing of Hiroshima. She used
every possible 'naughty' adjective and phrase to describe
me. She also said I treated Josh like shit as well. Now, I
do admit sometimes I am mean to Josh, but I do feel bad and
I apologize and try to explain why I do it, and he is very
forgiving. Bless him. Anyway, it ended like that on Friday.
The next I didn't talk to or see her. I, did, however, saw
her best friend adn one of my friends, Jessica. She told me
that Victoria has been saying how much she hates me to the
group. Talk about trying to get people ganging up. I had
the night before resolved not to get the entire group
envolved, this is mine and Vickie's fight. I got upset by
this, but whatever. Anway, more crap happened, we tried to
work it out on Sunday, more fighting. I tried to get things
resolved on Monday by calling her and e-mailing her. She
kept getting out of the phone call by lying or having her
sister do something. Anyway, she said she would call me
back that night. Well she didn't. She IMed me at midnight
saying she would call tommorow, she didn't. Anyway. I have
resolved not to put any effort into trying to work things
out because I have already done all that I would do to work
things out, and she has ignored them. I really don't like
her, even as a person. I said I was sorry for sorry for
things I did, but she says she did not do anything from and
that I should go fuck a tree, what a fucking bitch! I might
be using swear words her, but I have not tell call her
anything while talking to her. Anyway, I say here, I am
sorry for any rude or uncalled thing I did, but that's it.
Everything I said was true, even if I should not have said
it. Oh, I am supposed to be going to a dance with her on
this Friday, ehich she asked me out on, yeah right.