Full of Secrets
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2002-11-15 23:27:04 (UTC)

Been awhile

Well since I last wrote (well I guess it was typed) alot
has happened. At the moment I am going out with Chris DeGraw. I have
already gone out with Andrew. I dumped him because he was getting
on my nerves. He wouldn't do anything with me, I asked him to go to
the Homecoming game but he was doing something, I asked him to go to
the Homecoming Dance but he didn't want to "waste his money". And
he was too shy, he didn't even act like I was his girlfriend. All he
would do was pat me on the back! (HELLOOO DOES HE HAVE PROBLEMS OR
WHAT?) It annoyed me soo much. Well anyways that's over and done
with. I think I have liked Chris since the homecoming dance, (I kinda
but not really went with him to the dance, he payed for my ticked but
I had to pay him back.) Andrew got really jealous of Chris because on
Friday I went to the youth group "campfire night" and I went to the
dance with him and had been spending alot of time with Chris. So
Andrew got all defensive and came and put his arm around me during
lunch, (the next day I broke up with him)And told me he was really
scared of"losing me". He assumed that I broke up with him all because
of Chris, it wasn't really, maybe just alittle, but not really.
So he now hates me and Chris, I'm not sure if he knows that I'm going
out with Chris yet but he probably assumes it. Ya so, anyways. At the
homecoming dance I wasn't shy about dancing. I was going up to all my
guy friends and asking them to dance. I asked Phil to dance(we danced
together 3 times), I asked Chris to dance (we danced together 3 times
and one of those times he asked me=)!), I asked Rick(1), I asked Jeff
(2), and I asked AJ(1). And AJ practacly begged me to dance with his
cousin (who is REALLY ugly) so I had to dance with him twice (YUCK!).
Ya so I was pretty much dancing with everyone. Chris really didn't
want to slow dance he said it made him feel "uncomfortable". But I
finaly talked him into it (YAY!). Well I will tell you more tomorrow,

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