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2002-11-15 22:32:15 (UTC)

he talked?

today was meh. i was too sick yesterday to update you on my
trivialties, and today all im left with is sneezes (the
hurting kind).

spanish sucked, like usual. second period i helped my
friend out with her english proyecto because her partner
wasnt there (i think everyone in that class looks down on
me, but no matter.). third period i think i flunked a test;
fourth, nada; fifth was fun; sixth was algebrarific; and
seventh was spent in the auditorium receiving an academic
award (ironic, considering i just told you i flunked a

i rented a beautiful mind and i am sam, but SOMEBODY doesnt
want to get sick. couldnt we just sit on opposite sides of
the room and get to memorizing each other's faces? yeah,
that would be kind of weird, but its rob-o.

would you or would you not find it amusing to watch an up-
in-yo-face girl and a let-me-stab-you-with-my-hair punk get
in a fight? (fyi, the answer is it would.)

you know whats great? making new friends. roberts ex-
girlfriend, who i thought resented my being alive, is
really nice. she started talking to me on monday (delayed
reaction, i know, considering its friday), and shes really
cool. then i made some other new friends this year, like
marcy, samantha, rochelle, kelly, amber, jamie, virginia,
mike, kyle, tyler, brett, and another kelly. isnt that
stupendous? i think so.

well, ive gotta make like a banana and split, because i
need to find some better things to say at the end of these.