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2001-08-16 23:39:16 (UTC)

The upside

- however - in the past few weeks they have given me all
sorts of interesting stuff to look up and do. Its getting
to be an interesting time. And they are beginning to (and
this won't be phrased right) more 'power' on the network
side - selecting products, buying PCs and so forth.
Its nice to be trusted (although they have changed one
policy recently, and I don't know if that was down to me or
just because they wanted to change something).
There is a big question about the future though. The
company is very small, and despite the fact they are hiring
new staff all the time, there is very little chance for
promotion or a career. The development manager is four or
five years older than me - pretty much young enough to work
right through my career. So where does that leave me on the
whole 'better my self' scale? I can learn new skills,
develop new programs, but thats pretty much it. There is
very little chance of team leader or so on.
Do I want to spend the rest of my life as a junior
programmer? (More or less. Even if I get named a senior
programmer, all that means is I get a tonne of extra work
and responsibilities, but no extra pay. That's not really a
fair deal!).

The only other thing is the chance Rimmer might be
promoted. Now - don't get me wrong about this (because
someone already has, and I wouldn't want that!). If he can
convince the managers he is good then he should get
promoted. I have no problem with that. Even if I never get
promoted I have no problem with it.
But if he gets promoted to a position where he has a say in
my future then that will be a problem. A resigning level
problem. Even if he is good at his job, he is not a person
whom I would want to work for. He is contempable, he lies
all the time, and he (as I said) finds me contemptable. Now
I don't expect him to like me (obviously I don't like him
very much, so its bound to work the other way) but I will
be damned if I put my future in the hands of someone who
doesn't like me, and who is obviously a lying, backstabbing
But - that hasn't happened yet, and I am pretty sure it
won't be. Almost every member of staff dislikes him - IF
and LR certainly do - and as blind as they appear to be I
can not imagine the management missing something so obvious.