2001-08-16 23:38:45 (UTC)


You know I am so pissed, mothers are supposed to be
supportive. Whatever, right now I'm listening to my mother
scream, yell, and lie to herself about me as I wirte this.
and I quote " I am not going to sit here and work all my
fucking life for these fucking good for nothing
freeloaders. Like $11.00 is going to pay anything" Refering
to the money I gave her yesterday. It was the first money I
made with my new job.... which she told me that I should
do. She insisted on loaning me the money to start up the
business. I told Jean that I couldn't do it right now
because I didn't have the money I wanted to go to college
so that had the priority... So Mom was like Well just put
it on Pop's credit card that he gave her to manage her
bills. ( She bitches about me all the time, but I just
finished paying off $2000.00 in credit card bills.. and she
still owes 11 G's on all her shit )
The next day she let herself be talked into it too. now
she's bitching because she owes 2 times the amount that
dshe started out with.. but it's all my fault. I'm a 2 pack
a day smoker who hasn't bought a pack in more thatn a month
so that any time I get cash I can give it to her. I give
up. She makes me feel like I'm two inches tall. To make
matters worse, she is always giving money to my brother. He
hasn't had a job (other than working with my father) in
more than a year. He's 19 and still doesn't have a real
lisence. They pulled him out of high school in what should
have been his sophmore year (still a freshman w/ total of
25 credits in 2 & 1/2 yrs). If that wasn't bad enogh he's
arecovering heroin addict who still fucks up. The
difference between how we are treated, He cleans when my
parents ask him to so he is the golden child. I on the
other hand am breaking my back to start my own business so
I can pay for my schooling and these fuckers treat me like
I'm the addict. The worst thing I've ever done was smoke
pot. BIG FUCKING DEAL I SMOKE POT. I don't even do it all
the time and I certainly don't buy it. What's worse,
sticking a needle in your arm or pulling on a joint at a
Okay... I've got to calm down and regroup.. time to vacate
the house... and they wonder why my sister moved out the
day she turned 18, (and still lives 3 hours away!) She told
me they did the same thing to her and I believe it. I wish
I had a boyfriend that wanted to take me away from this
crap. But then again knowing my luck he'd probably just
turn psycho too.
Until next time