My Heart and Soul....
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2002-11-15 20:59:17 (UTC)


Thats right everyone! The adorable Jenny is now a Varsity
Cheerleader. Who would have ever thought they would live to
see that day that I would say that! I'm not sure what I
should feel. I think it will be a learning experience, a
chance to see how the "other side" lives. LOL! But for real,
I'm sad, cause it doesn't look like we are going to be
having a Guard this year. No one will do anything to find us
a director. So I guess we are screwed.But that's ok. I'll be
busy enough.

School is going ok. Got report cards today. I did ok. Some
of my grades were lower than I had hoped, because of
absences. Hopefully that will get better as the year goes
on, as I will be back on my medication soon, so going to
school will be easier for me. I got a little panicky today,
cause it was friday, and I was stressed....but I got through
it, and now it's the weekend!

Love life...I don't know. I met this great person. But IDK.
You know how I get. I guess I will have to follow my heart.
Although that has never worked in the past.

Tomorrow is gonna be hard. Would have been 1-year with Dave.
Miss him still. That hasn't changed. I think that is part of
my problem when it comes to moving on. I am still so caught
up on him, I just can't let myself get hurt again. I just
wish I could see him, tell him how I feel. Just so he knows.
But it won't happen. BLAH.

Uhmm...what else? Our trip to Gannon was great! Our
resolution was one of two that got passed the first night,
and Saturday is came down to the final minutes of the
commitee meeting. We tied during the first vote, and lost by
one vote in the second round. We were kinda sad, but it was
ok, cause we worked so hard, and we were so close.
Especially for it being our first time offering a
resolution. It was so much fun though.

Our trip to Mexico got approved. That is so exciting, and I
can't wait to go! I hope it is as much fun as I am expecting
it to be! Which it should be...awesome!!

IDK what else. My birthday is approaching quickly. I keep
telling myself it will be great. IDK though. My history is a
little mixed. Last year was fun, but the whole being with
David thing is a hard memory. And we all know 16 sucked. It
started sucking around 9pm on my Birthday, and the entire
year just went downhill. BUT! Both of those guys are out of
my life now, so in theory, I am free to have to greatest
year. And if we can get my dad to let us use his house, the
party is going to be awesomely awesome! I know everyone is
looking forward to it. (and HEY! if you are reading this, IM
me, and we can talk about letting you come to the party.)

Haha...so...I was thinking...there are some people, whom I
haven't seen in a while, that I would LOVE to just run into.
Namely some of my ex's, and a few other people who haven't
seen me. I was just thinking what a thrill it would be to
see someone who hasn't seen me some time, just so they can
see me now. I would get endless thrills from that, let me
tell you. But I have to get my hair done first. HAHA.

OK...I have to go get read for cheerleading practice. I'll
talk to you all soon. 15 days. Don't forget!

All My Love,