The Heath
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2002-11-15 20:58:30 (UTC)


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Veronique. I'm
18, and attend Dunedin High School, in Florida (dunedin, no
less). This isn't the first diary i've managed. Au
contraire, it is the second. Yes, that's right, I'm an
online diary slut. I had a previous one at OpenDiary, but
felt the need to leave. OD caused many an argument among
the chaps at "did you see what she wrote in her
diary!?" or "i can't believe he said that in his diary" or
even "did the read the note that so-and-so left on who
ever's diary!?" and the like. too dramatic i soon
learned. However, no one knows about this one. Just me.
I may tell some people later, like Grant- who is my best
friend. Or Mike, who is my boyfriend. Until Later, Hi, I'm

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