Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-15 20:51:26 (UTC)

If the stimuli in your brain..

If the stimuli in your brain releases dopamine everytime
you are happy, then just always think happily and you can
never fall unless you let yourself....a wise person said
learn from your mistakes...this is true...however what are
mistakes??Do they even exist what about accepting what you
do and being happy with your decisions theis can also make
you reach a level of comfortability....

*Note the key to finding yourself is being comfortable and
vulnerable how can someone hurt you if you are completely
comfortable and vulnerable with nothing to hide?

Just a thought well gotta go eat.....

be back later to ponder on with my nonsense....notice my
mood has drastically changed...I've been self reflecting
alot it always makes me happy!