I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-11-15 20:25:21 (UTC)


Random title. It's cause I'm listening to "The Shining" by
Badly Drawn Boy. Go listen. It's purdy.

Okay, on to what I really wanna talk about it. I am very
happy. I just am. No reason in particular. I just am. I
have plans for my life, and things are going well. But I
wish that everyone else was as in a good mood as I am. It
makes my heart sad. It's odd, there are people in my life
that have boosted me and kept me up when I was down, and
it's odd doing it for them. Don't get me wrong, I want to
be there for them. And I hope they let me.

Yes, I'm talking about Chris. But at least I know now that
he can let his feelings out. I just worry about him. But
there isn't anything that I can do. And he wouldn't let me
even if I could. He knows I'm here. That's the best there

But I'm still doing great. :)