The land of unknown
2001-08-16 23:14:34 (UTC)

Set u'r Aim on........... idano

well, i was on AIM earlier. talked to several people.
Chloe, Dabay (finally), Jenna (surprised me), Nate, and
Melissa. that was the first time in a while Dabay got on.
it was fun, but she said brb, but never came back.
Jenna and me were talking about a lot of wierd things.
killing people to make them more interesting, the
perfect crime, and stuff like that. she did something
strange though. in the middle of our face off (we were
going crazy with those face things) she just wrote this::
bondage? :: that's it. just wrote that and i was like, huh?
but she said never mind and put one of those kiss
faces. and i had put a few different faces up together
and she said what cute looking fellas i had. and i said,
(being stupid) really? and then she used the kiss face
again. and then one of the wink eyed ones. i don't know.
i figure she's being wierd. she is very strange, but then
again, all my friends are. and Melissa had technical
difficulty. none of Nates messages were showing up,
and then she got booted off, but hadn't responded to a
couple messages of mine. but she was at work and
wasn't supposed to be on there anyway. and then Lyz
was on, but not really. her older brother was using her
sn. she has problems keeping her family off her sns.
oh well. and i was wondering where Kitty was. she
didn't join the fun. oh well, there's always tomorrow. la
la la la la so on and so forth.