The White Rose
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2001-08-16 23:10:07 (UTC)

I got pissed off

The last time I came here I wrote a big long entry, and it
refused to save it, so I got very annoyed and didn't come
back for a while.

But now - well now I am back.

The whole work issue is being thrown in to more and more
turmoil every day. There are so many reasons I should get
out - that I should get out NOW, but then one little thing
will happen and I will realise I like it more than I

Over the past few weeks they have been reassigning the
staff. Mostly just moving people on to different projects
(whether this is to stop them getting bored, or just to
shake things up in general, I am not sure about) but the
biggest change was moving Rimmer on to the database side of

This is quite amusing. On so many levels. The biggest one
being - he has a very short fuse. I have lost count of the
amount of times he has exploded at members of staff (mostly
me - but thats another matter), or been rude to them. The
last few times he has not gotten his way he has stormed out
of the office, slamming doors and stamping about and so
forth. As a random example - Tuesday morning. IF comes in
to ask ME (not him) what the phone number for work is
(since she never phones it). Rimmer pipes up with the wrong
number (totally the wrong number). I correct him, and give
IF the right number, and when she says thanks to me he
sticks two fingers up at her. There was no cause whatsoever
for him to do this. He treats IF and LR like shit - there
is no other word for it. He assumes just because he is a
developer and they are 'merely secretaries' that he is
better than they are. And thats just not true. They are two
of the nicest people I have ever met, and they pretty much
organize every single part of the company. Without them the
place would fall apart. And besides - even if they don't
develop they are still people. No one deserves the treament
he gives them sometimes.
Add to this the fact he is incapable of hiding his contempt
of people. Mr F, Mr LY, Mr O'D - it was quite clear where
he stood on them. And he displayed it infront of them on
more than on occasion. And I have a big suspicion he finds
me contemptable as well. He is sarcastic every chance he
gets, and every single thing I do appears to be wrong in
his eyes. If I can tell this, I suspect customers will be
able to as well.
Finally his attitude in general. When he is on the phone he
repeatedly makes 'wanker' gestures about the person he is
talking to. He blames the person on the phone for
everything that is wrong - if they ask him something that
he thinks they should know the answer to, he thinks they
are stupid. We are having an issue over a computer at work,
and he has never once given the technicians the benfit of
the doubt - he just assumes they are all incompatent morans
because they have made a single mistake. This afternoon he
was talking to AM about some database scripts, and he had
his hand over his mouth. It took me three goes to get what
he was saying, and AM four. Yet the moment he had to repeat
himself (and - by the way - he is not a very clear speaker
at the best of times) he began to get angry. By the 4th
time he was clearly pissed off.

If he gets out on a customer site on his own - with no one
else to control him, I can see him losing his temper or
saying something without thinking. Now if it was just him
on the line - he would deserve what he gets. Anyone who is
dumb enough to offend the people who pay us - well anyway.
But risking offending a customer is (potentially) risking
the future of the company.
I always figured the management knew what they were doing
for the company, but there have been so many choices
recently that have me at a loss.

However - (next entry)

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