I never wanted a desk job...
2002-11-15 19:33:27 (UTC)

Thank GOD it's Friday

This place sucks. That's all there is to it. Newest
rant: The powers that be that try oh-so-hard to motivate
us to do work had decided a while back that they were going
to give out gift certificates to those who had the most
activity each month (phone calls, demos, sales, that sort
of thing). The lucky winner gets a $10 gift certificate to

Well, they had started this about six months ago, and when
I won the first month, I was excited to see what I would
get. Nothing came. Oh well, maybe next month. I won
again the following month. Still nothing. Well, fuck
them! I lost interest in the entire thing. Well, last
month is when they decided on the mall gift certificate. I
would've been happier with one for Target or Wal-Mart,
something along those lines, I HATE the mall. Anyway, our
do-no-wrong, wannabe office manager won last month. Hooray
for her, of course she got sales because she gets them
HANDED to her from other departments, while we have to
slave away for them.

But this month, I won. I was pretty happy about it, but
now she's pitching a hissy fit. The level of immaturaty
here is unbelievable. hehe but I'm QUITTING SOON! Keeping
that in is so hard!

Anyway, in other news, my folks mailed me the title to my
car. They're cuttin' me off, since I supposidly have a
real job now where I can afford to pay insurance (last time
I checked, $9/hour is hardly a real job). Well, now I have
to find the time to go down to the courthouse (of course
they're not open past 4-it's the government!-and find the
$$ it's gonna take to get the title transferred. Luckily
that's only gonna be about $50. Now I have insurance to
worry about. What sucks worst is that I'm ALMOST 25 (6
more months); so I have to pay expensive insurance for just
a little while more.

Anyway, that's about all the ranting for today...OH I got a
call from my boss at my other job wanting me to work
tonight. Looks like it's gonna be a 14-hour day for me
today...and I have to work on training all the 'newbies'
tonight. Oh well...it's money that I desperatly need!

Have a good weekend.