my so called life
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2002-11-15 18:47:23 (UTC)

I m home.. home-home, where I..

I'm home.. home-home, where I've spent the first 18 years
of my life. It feels good to be home. I guess I do miss my
parents even though I don't think about it so much. Cause
it's really nice to be back. I'm just staying for the
weekend. Guess why.. You got it; Ben. His plane landed
about 45 minutes ago, so I'll see him in a while. He has to
go to this dinner-thing with his family first. Which sucks.
I'm telling you, everything that possibly could go wrong
this weekend, did.
Ok, he was supposed to go by plane to Oslo Thursday night
and take the train to this busstation a four-hour drive
from where we live. I was supposed to take the train from
Trondheim (where I live, if you didn't know)at 11 pm. I
would arrive the busstation at 2 am, and he would arrive
about 3:30 am. We were supposed to take the bus that leaves
at 4:25 am. I wasn't thrilled by the idea of waiting for
him for an hour and a half in the middle of the night, but
there is a waitingroom that's open all hours, and it meant
that I would have more time with Ben, so it was ok. So,
Thursday at 8pm I'm on the bus on my way to meet a friend
before I go to the trainstation, and Ben texts me : Shit,my
plane is 25 minutes late. He had only an hour from his
plane landed in Oslo to the train left. Well, he would
still make it.. after a couple of minutes I get an other
text message : My plane is 45 minutes late. Ok, you haven't
got much time, but you can still make it. Several minutes
later my cell rings, it's Ben ; I've got some really bad
His plane got cancelled, he was stuck up north till the
next day (today). FUCK! So I had to take the train alone,
wait alone, and take the bus alone. If I didn't like the
idea before, I hated it now. So I thought about going home
the next day instead or not going home at all. He thought I
wouldn't, so he had booked a plane to Trondheim the next
day. I decided to go home after all, so he had to rebook
it, but that wasn't a problem.
So I was alone all night. It was ok, everyone was really
nice and I slept most of the way. But it really SUCKED. I
was looking so much forward to take the bus home with Ben.
Oh well..
I'll see him soon. Hopefully. I'll update later.
Bu-bye :)

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