Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-16 21:31:06 (UTC)

Anger managment!

Okay, well, I am dealing. I still cant believe that i was
so blind that i went out with someone who has no humanity.
I am more of a man than he. Grr, i cant believe that he was
so insecitive... and the only parts that really bothered me
was that he broke up with me because of what i felt and
didnt bother try talking about it and thta he wont even be
friends with me... what a fucking prick! grrr! yeah, i feel
like i am still going through the anger managment thing. My
parents drove near a mental ward and i beg them NOT to
stop, (my mom once told me that i was too depressed and
depressing that she was going to comitte me if i didnt
start getting happier)yeah, i feel like stabbing something,
and i am sorry to all my friends and family that told me i
should have dumped him along time ago, and thanks for
sticking by me! i love you all, and you are the greatest.
now i say we kill him or get someone to go out with him and
then hurt him really really bad! ha ha! i have the perfect
plan to kill him too! ^^evil laughter^^ yeah well, the
process begins. now the weird thing is that every time i
get or lose a boy friend i change something, to show how i
have grown and changed on the inside, but i am not sure
what i should change now!?! i really cared about him, and i
am not sure what i will do if we ever think about getting
back together, but thats highly unlikely because we cant be
friends, and even if it did come up i made a promise to my
great friend that i wouldnt go out with someone after me
and that person has previously broken up, i dont want to
get hurt a second time anyways, so thanks will, i love ya!
you are the only guy i went out with that has an acctual
heart! well it looks that i have babbled too much now! ttfn!

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