down in my eyes
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2002-11-15 14:02:06 (UTC)

don't even.

"From the way that you acted, to the way that I felt,
Saying things that you don't mean,
It isn't worth my time.
You're taking up my time.

& I don't even miss you at all" -The Used..

I was sleeping, 'n he called me at 4'oclock in the
fucking morning. I was SOO irritated, i HAD to call
him back. I wanted to scream at him.
But, i'm not one to scream.
Instead, i talked to him (irritated) normally.

He makes me Sick. Literally. 'N i feel almost
dysfunctionaly irritated right now, that i want to cry.
I can't believe how thickheaded guys are. 'N i can't
believe how stupid i am, to have looked past... all i
see in him right now. All i see is a arrogant, selfish
jackass, waiting to suck the life out of someone.
*Lust* is FUCKING blinding.

WHy can't somebody just hang me?
I didn't mean to be mean to him. But,... UGH. Ahhh!
He continuously said SO many things, that would hit me
right in the bulls eye of my irritatedness.

So, amoung other things, I kept telling him he's soo
damn "thickheaded". I couldn't think of why i kept
saying that particular word at that moment, but i
remember now. When i was younger, in the liiiist of
names my dad would call me... That was one of them.

*Shudder*. UggGhh. I NEVER want to be like my dad.
Let alone, anyone who reminds me of my dad. I swear.

Anyway, I feel slightly better now, after venting out
to you, my lovely diary. But why don't guys ever know
what's best for them?
Why are Guys SO fucking IGNORANT?!?

The sun is rising now.. so.. Consider me Gone.

..'N i'll leave you with a quote. quoteS, anyway.

me: "...Why the heck are you calling me at 4'oclock
in the fucking morning??"

him: "cuz... I wanted to talk to you. I didn't
understand why you never answer my calls,

me: "TALK to me!?!?!?!? You didn't UNDERSTAND that
I'm so fucking irritated by you 'n I DON'T Want
To Talk To You Anymore, So, I Haven't Been
Answering your calls for the longest time?!??!"

him: ".............................. No."