Rock Starr

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2002-11-15 13:53:38 (UTC)

I may be disappointed, but I will trust in God

Okay, so I spent Wednesday with Lysander, and its
absolutely scary how much we have in common. But I love it.
Except for all the stress he is going through right now, I
am loving the last couple of days. I love spending time
with him, I love comforting him. And I just learned that he
is officially torn between myself and his girlfriend. He
went to the bank to open a new account with me, and he told
me he's torn between someone he loves and would do anything
for, but he's not sure of her feelings, and someone he
knows could love him. He was so in despair, (this was
before he told me this) I took his hand, and he
said "You've just gotta make this harder don't you?" And
then he told me his dilemma. We held hands for the whole
tinme after while we were at the bank, until we went in to
the office so I could open my account. It was funny, the
lady asked if it would be a joint account because Lysander
was with me, and it probably looked like we were dating.
That made me feel good. I wish he was. When I dropped him
off, he hugged me and gave that sigh like he never wanted
to let go, then he kissed me on the forehead and grinned.
He said "That's the closest I can get to kissing you
without getting in trouble." My friend "Sara" has been an
advice column for him. She told him to get rid of his
girlfriend; because she's not sure, "sara" says that
probably means she doesn't feel the same way anymore, but
doesn't want to outright say it to Lysander, that andshe
doesn't trust him anymore, and that is a big part of a
relationship. (Well, I know she is a little biased because
she was my friend first, but its mostly true) Still he
waits on her. But I will trust that God has done what he
wishes to do and its up to Lysander now. I don't want ot
wish for a breakup but I care for him so much that I wish
we could be together. I could never hurt himlike she does.
I just hope my parents like him; my dad asked me about him
last night because we had a misunderstanding and my stepmom
thought I was trying to sneak off and see him becuase she
heard us making plans; I didn't kno if he could go to
church with me yet, i meant to call him after dinner and
see, and then ask if I could take him. Makes sense right?
Then him getting kicked out and the piercings, they think
he's a bad kid probably, but i told my dad that he isnt, he
just got dealt a bad hand, he's really smart, and he's
onlynot a senior because our school denied his credits from
his christian school because they were all religion
related. I would've lost mine too, but they don't know that
more of mine incorporated bible etc. so they just took away
my bible class credit and made me take health and micit. I
was lucky; all my classes had normal, non-religion names.
Lysander just got dealt a bad hand. ANd he wanted to be
different. he has like five piercings.
Well, I have to go now. Oh, he called me at work yesterday,
and they announced "Elisabeth Ray" over the P.A., which is
my full name, and I'm thinking who knows my fu;ll name,
cause I do follow-ups and leave messages with people with
my first name and the name of my work, I pick up the phone
and say, "This is Elisabeth" and I hear, "Hello beautiful."
It was Lysander. I was totally excited.

Love Always, and God Bless,