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2001-08-16 19:33:46 (UTC)

August 16th....JUST ANOTHER.....

Today was just another boring day at school. Well, Shayla
spoke to me...that's this girl who I don't really talk to
anymore because she is a big HYPOCRITE. I wrote her a letter
(that I didn't finish) saying that I don't dislike her or
anything. I just told her that I had to distance myself
away from certain people. I'm like this about all that
drama mess at Baldwin....I don't mind people talking to me
and stuff, but most of the stuff said goes in one ear and
out the other. I don't care about anyone else's beef with
me. Let 'em have it! I have far better things to worry
about. But anyway, I think I will grow to like Travis. I'm
just going to let it take its course. Well, this is fairly
short, but that's all I can write for now....*J*

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