Astaroth's Daily Rants
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2002-11-15 11:29:15 (UTC)

Well, I ve just opened my..

Well, I've just opened my journal. I've always been a fan
of these sorts of things, but I've never been discplined
enough to keep track of my thoughts... maybe this will help.

I better introduce myself. I'm Daniel, otherwise known as
Astaroth. I'm a public servant working in the country town
of Singleton, NSW, Australia. I'm 19 (20 in 2 weeks), and
single. I play ice hockey, surf, skate, ski and play
soccer. That's probably all you need to know. Anything
more will come out in the following pages.

My thought today- there is nothing more useless than public
toilet cubicle doors that close on their own. You can't
tell if someone's in there or not... they're stupid.