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2002-11-15 11:18:31 (UTC)

Not meant for me

Tuesday I was going to the gym afther school, wich was
about 12.45 cause I had finished early that day.
When I was walking in the door I could see a man who
loooked familiar to me, but he was standing on the other
side of the room and I had some porblemns with my card, so
I`d thought I just take a closer look at him when I waked
past him, and guess what, the person said hi to me, I
looked and for a big suprise!!
Guess who it was, Miguel! I said hi back and went to the
girls room, then when I was walking out to the weights he
was stil standing there and I thought, It`s been a lonf
time Abgel, you`re over him , dont make any drame just pass
him on the way to your weights. And that was my plan I
swear, no more scenes, flirting, or things like that, but..
When I was standing a few meters away from him, walking
towards him, he said "oh, so you`re back?" and I told him
that I had been back since last summer and stuff like that.
(I did not tell him that I had been avoiding him ofcourse)
We talked for a few minutes, then he had to find his
sweater and drive to his work. Hmm, so why was he standing
there in the first place???
He must have been waiting for me when I was waliking out of
the girls wardrobe, and I sure took some time there cuz I
was in shock!!
So he left, I was not sad my plan got ruin, but was glad
the whole first meeting thing was over. And I wa happy for
the rest of the day:-)
I found out that Im stil intrested in Miguel, but not
insterested as in beeing in love or want him was a boy
friend, Im over that part, what I mean is that Im corious
on him, Im a verry corious person, just ask Tommy, haha!
But Im over him, thats a good thing, and I think he is
corious on me to, since I went away he has been acting
diffrent, or at least I think so. But I know he is not
meant for me and it feels go, the girl who will get him
thought must be the luckyest girl in the world, lets just
hope she knows how to treat him;-)

Then you might ask, who I believe is ment for me, and the
answer will be S*. But that dossn`t meant that I stil want
him, it means that Im not compleatly over him yet.
I havent talked to him since the night this summer you
know... but I give him one more month to get to me (my plan
all the way) and if he dont, then Im gonna do it, on his

Then we have Tommy, I truely thought we were over all or
problems whan we talked it trough last tuesday, but guess
who started to talk last night?
But Im glad he did, cause It`s always me who starts and
that make me feel that he dont care, but this time he
started so he must care about us right?
I know it has been hard for him, but honest I think its
worse for me, exept from this week, where I have been as
happy as I can be, and he have been sad but said over the
phone that everything was okey. Tommy has been thinking
about us a lot lately;-)
Not all good though, I have to work less, but Im okey with
that, I want more spare time.