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2002-11-15 08:30:30 (UTC)

Some shout outs to my homies

I thought I'd take a break from the packing, and put in
another entry. (Actually this is a sort of procrastination,
I'm pretty good at that: I got back from Gary's earlier; playing
Grand Theft Auto Vice City and The Clone Wars, when I
should've been home packing too.)
I guess I'm going to get sappy for a bit here and sort of
say goodbyes to any friends that may read the diary:
•Gary - Man, we've had some frelling good times these past
few years. You've been a great friend, and one of the only
people that understands and can keep up with me. One of the
only people that's actually cool on all levels. I was so
glad when you moved to Dallas and I'm so sorry to be leaving
you now. We'll just have to be badasses in seperate cities
for now. I hope your master plan, whatever it may be, comes
to pass. Keep defying convention and stay happy even when
it's not raining.
•Matt - I'm glad that time and distance has not seperated
our long time friendship. And even though we've chosen
different paths in life it's cool we can still get together
when circumstaces allow. I know there will be some good
things in your future these next years; wait it out, it'll
come someday soon.
•Tina and Brien - It's cool to have two friends that are as
into art as I am. I always enjoy going to art shows, trying
out restraunts, and the occasional party with you guys. Keep
pumping out that great art.
•Kathy - Girl, you always entertain me; nearly everything
you say and do makes me smile. Try not to party too hard,
and make sure Gary gets his weekly dose of fun and
•Joe - Sorry I'm moving away right as you moved closer, but
I've always enjoyed hanging at your place and your
freindliness and generosity.
•Rachelle - Thanks for listening to all my rants lately, and
for your advice. I wish I had've gotten to know you sooner.
Good luck with the classes and I'm sure the singing thing is
gonna work out for you. (throws some tinsel)
•Santos - Where you been lately man? Well, at least we had
plenty of fun in college.
•Geoff - I know we've sort of lost touch, Thanks for making
a horrible summer job endurable all those years ago.
And to all the other people I don't get to see or talk to as
much as I'd like, you are still cool in my book:
Prasanth, Spider, Kara, David, Tesa, Ally(Katt), Kate, Rachael,
Trish (the Petri Dish), Brandie(JHM), ^lain^, Matt, and
anyone I might have forgotten.
I'll be back to visit eventually, and I hope to see everyone again,
until then...

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