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2002-11-15 07:58:24 (UTC)

Trying to get by

AHHHH... I wish I could spend some time in Alaska...ALONE.
Why is my body so strained and worn? I just don't get it.
Life is suppose to be LIVED in... but I am just getting by
the bare essentials of it.

I made a new friend. Well, I'd definetly consider her a
friend. Her name is Young Min. She is such a go-getter.
She works SO extremely hard. I don't think she realizes
how intelligent she actually is. She is just brilliant,
but she never enjoys a single moment of her life. She's
going to be known as one of those students who worked all
day and had no play. Either she cares too much, or we all
care too little.

God, life should be enjoyed. It should be something a
person would want to LIVE for... Spend money, even if we
don't have it. Enjoy the moment, right? But don't forget
your priorities? AHHHH... priorities. It's so twisted how
the world works.

Tomorrow... I think I'm going to have a REAL conversation
w/ the people I appreciate. Total focus on them. Listen
to every word, try not to miss out. We'll see what happens.