Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-11-15 07:20:44 (UTC)

Thursdays Are Supposed to be Good

Ahhhh, Thursday! My favorite day of the week due to ONE
CLASS! ONE! And it's Anthropology with Dr. Skirboll! I'm
taking Sex Roles in Society with her next year!

However, things then took a turn...

I like Kat on a general basis, but I don't know what I can
do... she doesn't seem to be comfortable around me, she
always takes Michelle away from us and for the most part
just doesn't seem to like being around us, for all the time
she spends in our room. Today, Heather prepared for us a
special meal and our friends came over to watch Jason play
Resident Evil 3. It was me, Michelle, Heather, Jason, Hack,
Chad, Chris, Kat, and Debra. I was just lying on the floor
watching Jason play contentedly, while Kat sat on my bed
above me. She poked me playfully and I giggled. She
said "hi" and I said "hi" back, but I was greatly enjoying
Jason playing RE. She said "hi" again and I felt at least
that her tone was demanding a bit more attention, and to be
honest, I just wanted to watch Jason play. So I
replied "Damn, someone gets upset when she feels she's not
getting enough attention" and then reached up to scratch
her head in an affectionate cat-like manner.

The reply I recieved was "That's one big FUCK YOU!"

I was stunned. I honestly didn't expect Kat to ever direct
that comment at me. I replied "Sorry, I was just joking!" I
don't remember what happened after that, but 15 minutes
later, she tried to explain it a little more, and that just
made me more upset. Another 15 minutes later, she
appologizes, then leaves for a meeting.

I actually cried. I fucking hate crying.

She returned after the meeting! Apparently, hurting my
feeling doesn't mean a whole lot, so I just did my best to
appear alright. She took some of Michelle's things to fix.
That's something that's always bugged me about Kat. She
says she feels the need to fix the people. To me, that's
presumptuous and it always made me think "What, does that
mean that something is WRONG with everyone?" That assumes
that she's better than us... I have to admit, I've shared
her frustration with Michelle and her incomprehension of
some of the things she's done, but tonight, Michelle lifted
my spirits so much! She read Kat's journal and it got her
very depressed, but I was actuallly able to make her feel
better! She admitted that she gives up too easily and that
she doesn't want to leave, and that makes me feel
relieved... She says that tomorrow she's going to go to
Japanese and talk to someone about returning to counseling.
We hugged and my soul actually felt lighter. The others
also kept making me feel better and I had a great time
watching Jason conquer RE3. ^___^ I bought him a yoo hoo
today. I felt it's the least I owe him for bringing us such
entertainment. And honestly, he's one of the best friends I
have! ^__^

So the night comes to a close and I am a very happy Nikkie.
Regardless of what happens with Kat. I'm standing behind
what I said, because it's how I feel. At least I said it to
her. She took Michelle aside and had her come talk to me
about her beef with me. I don't know what to think about
that, but I feel if she has a problem with me, she should
address me and not Michelle.

Well, Nighty time!
Nikkie, Queen o' the Mallets!