DaRk RavEn of DeAth

ToRn AwAy
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2002-11-15 06:24:26 (UTC)

DaRk RaveN oF Death

Alli if ya like reading this i am deeply sorry if i
hurt you i didnt mean it to end like this but i dont really
know well yeah? So lets get with the stuff yeah thats it im
not going to talk about shit i dont know what im typing i
just going on and on like i always fucking do making no
sences at all shit. my tooth hurts like a bitch yo its
pissing me off i dont know what to do ohh well lifes a
bitch then you die so fuck the world lets get high smoke
smoke smoke the weed

{ daRk [email protected] }
( of )

death well over come the living and kill you all.
there is no wall strong enuff to hold death back.
it well seek throuh the crack and take you by the neck
and slice you ear to ear and pump your arms and let the
blood run till it drys from your body. i have no care in
the world so death come to me. give me the powers that lies
in you and then i will rule of all heaven and hell. god im
coming for you! your

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