My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-11-15 06:07:16 (UTC)

"I feel good, I feel nice..." lol 11-14

Alrighty then! Man this day was crazy! When I woke up i
felt like shit! i mean i was dizzy, had a headache, felt
like throwin up.. u know it was the whole shabang lol so
w/e i went to school anyway cuz i knew i had to work
tonight! well of course today i forgot our 1st and 2nd
hours were switched around cuz of sophomore testing so you
know i was plannin on studying for my AP chem exam 1st hour
and lo and behold i have to go to 2nd hour first and i
basically failed that test! this combined with me feeling
like shit didnt make me to happy lol so basically all day i
layed with my head down trying to sleep and was successful
in about 4 out of 7 classes hehe yea so then finally school
ends and i go home and take some asprin and crash for two
hours before work... that nap was sooooo nice lol and i
felt ALL better afterwards!
so i get up to go to work and i have a voice mail from
someone and im like wtf so i listen and its dan lol hes all
like get up you bum lol good thing i forgot to turn the
phone on or he wouldve woken me up and then i wouldve been
pissed lol so yea then i go to work and it was busy but a
lot of fun! me ash dan john and steph were all workin so
that was a good time... then it hits me... BAM lol we still
have no cherry coke!! so im like hmmmmm how can i get some
of that shit? lol and im like ohhh yea marc is coming to
visit me on break so i call him up and leave a voicemail
askin him to get me a cherry coke on his way lol dans all
like hes not gunna get you any and so then marky marc shows
up and he busts out the cherry coke lol i was sooo happy!
gotta love marky marc! :-) so then after my break me and
dan got yelled at for goofin off to much lol i was spraying
water at him and he like dove (looked like he was sliding
into a base lol) out of the way right next to richard who
was comin out of the office lol that was funny as hell! so
yea then the rest of closing was boring! gay gay gay hehe
then i come home and decide to type this... wow what a day
lol nm else is shakin! im goin to bed whoaday! peace out

me! :-) XOXOXO

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