Journal: A days end
2001-08-16 17:23:02 (UTC)

why are there stupud people?

For a while now i have been dealing with stupid people. not just your average ho-hum idiot, i mean really stupid people. the kind that seem to be bread into it.

I recently moved to a small town to get my life in order and to help my mother out. I didnt intend on moving here it just happened. So i got a job at a local ISP doing tech-support. It is pretty fun. but through the past months i have encountered the stupidest people. not only at work but everywhere in town. I had a lady come in to sign up for internet access. she signed up fine. she got home and called us. infurriated because no one told her that she had to have a computer in order to have internet access.

i have to go now. i will talk more on this. I have plenty of other "stupid" storys.