Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-16 17:07:19 (UTC)

where are all the nice women??

Well I've just finished working at the pub, rather quiet
night. There were two newbies that have started since I last
worked, and they are cute cute cute! I was chatting to one
after work tonight, she's a 20 year old Canadian chick
called Rebecca. We kinda clicked I think, she seemed so
different to all the other workers at the pub. I mean, I've
spoken to heaps of cute chicks before, but the clicky thing
isn't there. You know you're onto something when you're sure
you hear a 'click' in your head when you start talking to
someone, and you know deep down that they heard it too
although you hate to admit it consciously. So anyways I
ended up asking if she would like a ride home from work as
we both lived in the suburbs, and she said 'no it's okay, my
boyfriend is picking me up'. I have lost track of how many
times I have experienced this. You think things are going so
so well with a chick and then just when you're about to make
a more blatant move she tells you she has a boyfriend, so
you shut your trap and act real casual and go 'really,
what's he like?' and 'cool, he sounds like a great guy' when
really you're thinking that given the chance you could treat
her better than he ever could. Oh well, maybe I'm just an
old softie. Ciao.

~ C C - C h r o n i c ~