A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-11-15 04:32:25 (UTC)

November 14, 2002

Kind of a bad day today. Amy's not doing well and was
ordered to be on bed rest for at least another week, so
I've been worried about her. Grandpa's in the hospital ICU
so I'm really worried about him. I guess what gripes me is
that tonight I put that I could use a friend on my yahoo
messenger and not one of my friends hacve come through for
me. Jenny said she is going to call, and I know Andi and
Jamie just aren't around, but with all the other friends
that I've seen come on and sign off, I'm just a little
irked by the quality of my friends tonight. I really try
to do everything in the world that I can for my friends and
now that I could use somebody to talk to, I don't get a
thing. Earlier tnight I said to myeslf that I just won't
be there for them anymore, but I think I know better than
that. I'll be there, doing whatever I can to make them
happier. Oh well...Just blowing off steam I suppose.