Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-15 03:55:40 (UTC)

bad days aren't hard to come by

I wake up to listen to a phone message saying the show we
are playing that night is cancelled. I then drive off in my
car to get it fixed and about 2 miles from the place it
breaks the highway none the less I have to get
out and push it while other drivers drive by honking and
yelling rather than get out and helping. Then I wait about
an hour for the trucker but my friend Shannon came and kept
me company...then we went to eat and my parents call and
rather than see if I am ok and if I need a ride they keep
talking about how they "just paid for a new engine" and how
I "must have broken the car" and yelling and stuff so I got
off the phone and ate some more chicken quesidilla while I
tried not to cry. So then I decided I would go to guitar
center and buy a 4-track recorder which I have been meaning
and wanting to buy for some time now as it will help me in
writing process of songs. But the my credit card is
declined so i have to leave...then on the way to Katelyns
Shannon throws her gum out the window and it accidently
falls in my hair and we have to stop and cut it out. (But I
am not mad t you Shannon)And then I talk to our manager on
the phone about all the brick walls we keep hitting as a
band. And then we go to practice / maybe show and Jon is
late. But people did show up, we played in front of maybe
15 people which I think is really kool. Thanks for
coming!!! My voice still won't work right because of the
cold weather. And as I ride home with Ben all I can think
about is how I wish i either had a girl to come home to or
a girl to talk to that loves me. I don't and it sucks and I
either srew it up or they don't want thats my sucky
day and I have nothing better to do than to write this
pathetic pice of crap but oh well I hope you like it.
music- Ours/Precious
movie- Dragnet
book- I haven't read in a while