Lost and Searching
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2002-11-15 03:51:33 (UTC)

Trying to Understand the Un-understandable

I have a friend and her name is nett and i
didn't become friends until this past march or april, but
it was a friendship that bonded quickly...and now i am not
so sure....Nett has just recently divorced and was
finalized in now she is living her youth through
me, which at first i thought it was awesome to show her the
ways to have fun while your young...but then during the
fair, i introduced her to spike, and well they hit it off,
which i thought at the time was really sweet...but now i am
not sure, she has gone out to visit him and he is planning
on coming out to visit her for christmas...but right now,
at this very moment she is sleeping with someone else, and
for me love is very important, its not something that you
just say to someone and throw it around...if you love them
truely and deeply then you wait for them b/c for me love
will endure the test of time and its can
she say one thing or do another.....its not right or real
love then that she feels

will i ever know what is is to feel that...please god let
me find someone who will love me as i am...and please pray
for cort and send her back to good health quickly..

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