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Hacking Dade's life
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2002-11-15 03:45:27 (UTC)

"procrastination is just like masturbation.... feels good at first, but at the end, you realize you're only fu[i]cking yourself"

Had to keep that somewhere, And I think that is a good place.
Well, I've never wrote in this one, But I am just going to
pick up where I think I may have left off. I'll just start
with my last week. My girlfriend has dumped me, because I
did not talk to her for two weeks and when I did, I told her
the truth, that I didn't know why I was still dating her,
because I was unhappy. I was true to my feelings and saw
something in someone who was close and right next to me.
However, I might have made the wrong choice. I didn't take
either of them. I don't think me being honest did me any
good, since I was unsure of myself. I didn't know why I was
with her, and that pissed her off. I guess it should have,
She also said that she is not true to herself when she is
with me, so perhaps that it has ended it will better for the
both of us. I also got fired from NATH, I guess it was my
fault, I didn't work hard enough, I could hold that full
time job at the same time that I tried to do school. So now,
I work at the theatre again making $6.25 I work for Melissa
now, and now I believe I will be working for Mixon again
soon. I guess it might be the old group put back into place,
but time has pasted and things can't be the same. They will
be diffrent. I have new friends now, and I must move on and
live my life. So, I guess that is all, I still have yet to
hear from steve. He has never wrote me a letter, I guess
everyone else got one. I guess I could be mad. I don't know.

Well, Im off and up out, Be back soon.

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