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2002-11-15 03:25:44 (UTC)


ok im bored to DEATH this is my 2nd posting .. i think yes
yes it is .. haha i just found out about this site called
neopets does any one have that ? its cute but very stupid
all at the same time , but aparntly alot of people do it at
my school .. now im 15 right , and a sophmore ... i would
think it a little "uncool" to do this , heaven forbid any
one ever be "uncool" please define "uncool" who gives a
shit, not me ! now the people that i think are sad are the
people that think there "uncool" so the walk around school
slouched over hoping no one will notcie them .. wow get a
life, ur who u are , annoying or not , just be your fucking
self!! or the people that try to act cool ... that pisses
me off also , yes alot of things piss me off, but im sorry
if ur fat and annoying and mean and are a smart ass PLEASE
refraim from pretending to be cool .. you know denail isnt
just a river in egypt .. (pause for u to get my stupid
joke) well im sick of bitching so ill finish some other
time BYE NOW! and have a happy and prosperus wonderful
uncool life.