My problems.
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2002-11-15 02:33:50 (UTC)

Two Unfinished Poems

I had everything
I had it all
And then my world started to fall
I screw it up
I gave it up
Then my world began to suck
That wrong decesion I made
Will haunt me for the rest of my days
True happiness is what I had
Now all I ever feel is sad
I think of her
The one that got away
And sometimes all my pain goes away
But sometimes isn't enough
Cause I'm here stuck
thinking where my life coulda been
If I had not said the things I said
Would I be happy?
Would I be sad?
God knows I'd be glad
Just to see you,
Your wonderful face
Would make me love this awful place.


I had it all
I had it all
Then i made the worst move of them all
I shoved her love in her face
And made her feel out of place
I broke her poor loving heart
With some gruesome darts
A dart of (?)
A dart of (?)
A dart of pain
What was there to gain?!


That's it for now.. I will complete them someday....