I am a goddess
2001-08-16 15:12:51 (UTC)


One of my freinds parents seem to blame me for everything
that their child has done wrong in their life ever! Its my
fault that shes going to do crap in her gcses, its my fault
that shes quit school, its my fault that she can't hold
down a job, its my fault that she has an attitude towards
her parents. Well sorry but im goign to do well in my gcses
while shes gets f's im going to get A* to c grades. I'm
staying on at school so i can get a good job, speaking of
jobs i've managed to stay in my holiday job, it finishes
next week to which i would have ran the jobs course, i
don't have an attitude towards my parents. So how is it
when i am good at school, ( we didnt even go to the same
school so how am i getting blamed for her acting up? ) i
have a good relationhip with my parents, have the desire to
suceed and make something of my life that i get the blame
because one of my friends is an arse.
The same parents are lovely towards a different friend, a
friend who isnt so good at school, who isnt going to do
well in her gcses but are totally horrible to me. I sopke
to my mam about it she seemed to think that maybe her
parents are jealous of me, they see me as a threat, as a
reminder of what their daughter could have been if she
tried. The more i think about it the more that seems to be
the case, because the loved friend is'n seen as a threat,
she isn't going to do as well as me in her gcses
(hopefully) she hasn't got as much of a bright future as i
have going for her. I'm not going to get upset about it,
they'll see when i tell them what my gcse results arr that
they'll realise who has come out on top, then maybe they'll
have a reason to be bitchy towards me.