2002-11-15 01:07:19 (UTC)

a spindle, a darkness, a fever, and a necklace

i'm doin well...i don't know if i'm doing as well in school
at this point and time....but i don't think i'm doing as
badly as i have...i got a 96 on my history test today.
algebra isn't going so well, chemistry is a bore, my
english teacher's mum died and she hasn't been there for
almost two weeks...we all miss her. we got her a card and
all the kids in my class signed it and wrote lil messaages,
ziggy is paying more attention to me now. he's such a
cutie. we talk in the halls at school sometimes...before
7th period we always hang out at this one spot in the hall
and we play fight and all sorts of immature flirting. i
hope he starts liking me again like he did the past few me and ryan talk almost dayly now. the other
day i went to his house and we went to chick-fil-a. he paid
for me and we took it back to his house and ate in his
room. he lives in his room. he spends almost all his time
there. we just hung out a little. sometimes we go walkin
around. we went to the park a few days ago and we swung on
the swings...i haven't done that in years. hehehe. he's
really cool.
he goes to a different school than i do even though he
lives 3-5 blocks away. he transfered to this school that's
like an independant study kind of place. it's really small.
he told me that i should go there. we talked about it. i
want to...but then again i've got all these friends at katy
high that i just talk to there and not outside of school.
and katy's got this program where i can take special
classes at another school, like i can take auto tech there.
they have different levels of classes where i am now. and i
want to take photography next year. at ryan's school, it's
really really laid back and pretty easy, but there's not
differen't levels and there's not any photography, he said
that there's like no art there....i dunno...i'd love to go
to his school...i might next school year if i find out i
can take auto tech somewhere and there is some from of art
or music....soooo yeah....
chair testeing this afternoon in orchestra...i did better
than i thought i would...i hope i don't make first
chair...i like being 2nd. plus it would REALLY hurt mollie
if i beat her. she'd see it as me "stealing" HER
chair....oi vieh. i'm fine not being 1st cause i know i am
totally capable of being it if i wanted.'s a lil after 7 pm....i need to do my homework.
keep those good ol' grades up.

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