The life of a normal teenager!
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2002-11-15 00:57:53 (UTC)

Spirit week

Today was a pretty interesting day. It is spirit week for
our school since it is homecoming weekend. Today was twin
day and I dressed up with Kim. She and I wore our New York
shirts. I would have to say school was very boring. After
school I ran to BK with Kim and Kelly. Then I went back to
school and forgot that I needed my band shoes. So I jumped
back in my car and ran to go get them. The band marched in
a parade. I played the cymbols and got very tired! Then we
took alittle break and I chilled with Nick. He and hardely
ever see eachother so we sneak in some time here and
there. After the break we got dressed again and went to
the bonfire. YEA! The band played some music and it was
all good. After the fire I walked out to my car with Nick
and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, yea! He and I are so
close but we are waiting to date eachother. Anyway, I went
to go get gas and then I drove home. My miata is in the
shop getting all fixed up and beautiful. I got home and my
brother called. YEA! I miss talking to my brother. He goe
sto Georgia Tech, which is 10 hours away. My family and I
are going to see him around Thanksgiving break. Tommorrow
is the game and then the dance. I lost my homecoming date
so I am not going. I am not sure what I am doing this
weekend. Well farewell all. I will write more later.