2001-08-16 14:49:52 (UTC)

Lies and more lies

When Tim found Megan's stash,he is shocked to learn his
beautiful wife is doing drugs of any kind.Megan's parents
would be heartbroken to learn their only daughter was using
illegal drugs.Tim cares for his in laws and his wife.He
wants to talk to Megan and tries to reach her on her cell
phone.When a man's voice answers the ring,Tim almost says
sorry wrong number but the surprise is wearing thin and he
ask for Megan.The man on the phone says,"She ran to the
store with Stephaine.She will be right back."
Thanking the man,Tim starts to hang up but the masculine
voice ask,"Do you want to leave a message?Is this her old
Tim is slowing losing his temper but does not want Megan to
know he has been trying to reach her.Tom tells the man he is
John and he will call Megan back later in the day.Tom knows
he does not need to talk to Megan till he can get his slow
burning temper to cool down.He goes to the kitchen and sees
the children's picture hanging on the dining room wall.After
he makes a cup of coffee,he sits down at the table and looks
out the sliding glass doors of the dining room.
Slowly sipping his coffee,he thinks of the children,his
children and Megan's three girls.Five children all under the
age of 12 and their mother is doing crystal meth in the
house.Tom thinks of the possibility of Megan being arrested
for illegal drugs and wonders if the department of human
services would be involved because of the children.He thinks
of his ex wife and wonders what she would do if she knew
about Megan's drug use.
Kathy,a recoving cocaine addict,would be supportive of Tim
and would try to help Megan get off the poison but she would
not want her children living with a drug addict.When Kathy
had been using,she was living with her parents and gave
custody of the children to him.She saw the children on her
weekends at her parents home.Kathy never did drugs with the
children in the house.
Tim realizes he must let his children,Justin and
Amber,stay with their mother,Kathy, until this mess with
Megan is cleared up.He could come up with some excuse
without telling her that Megan is on drugs.He remebers that
Kathy is off work this week for vacation and decides to go
to her house and tell her the children need to stay with her
for a few weeks.
Tim looks at his watch and wonders if Kathy is home.He
gets up and takes his empty cup into the kitchen.The
telephone is hanging by the door.He calls