Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
2002-11-15 00:39:28 (UTC)

SO we meet once again my..

SO we meet once again my friend, and I fall instantly into
You promise every word you speak is true...I pay such close
attention, yet you think so negatively, then you go off and
have your fun leaving me.....

Why can't you choose to kill me off or keep me?
Why can't I forget the feelings?
Why am I always the one hurting, while you sit back and
relax, then mock my comments and treat me like an ass...

The last thing you told me was it's not of this world,
overcome you and I'll see it all clearer.... I am trying
yet you convince me you like me but why do I matter if
you're so happy?

Why do you treat me so nasty then beg me to hear you then
not have time? WHy do you have to be so confusing? WHy do
YOU have to play all the games? You tell me you are going
to limit what you say because I get offended yet you don't
give a crap about my ask me to tell you whats
wrong and then you act like I am talking to a wall....

Is that the truth nothing matters???? Then what are you
doing? You don't have the right to mess with my head the
way you do! How can I ever reach happiness if I can't
overpower you?

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