Journal: A days end
2001-08-16 14:16:20 (UTC)


dear jounal,

today is a day like the rest. i get up. take a shower. get
dressed. eat breakfast. listen to a little music. maybe
play with my guitar a litte(even though i can play worth
shit). I go to work and i answer stupid questions all day.
go home. be lonely, and fall asleep.


i have decided to change my life. every day i am going to
do something different. I am going to do something that
most people would think of.

for example:

today i am going to take a homeless person out to lunch.

tomorrow, i am going to tip a waitress at a restraunt 50%.

next day i will give a ride to as many people walking on
the side of the road as i can.

next day i am going to read to children, and help them
learn to read.

I am debating whether to do each of these activites on a
one day or a one week basis.

I have also decided to move out of this crappy little town
and move back to Las Vegas. I am also going on vacation to
vancouver, canada. I am to meet a girl that i have been
talking to quite a bit online. she is great.

I am also either waiting for a girl from agentena to come
and visit me. but she really wants me to come see her in
buenos aires. I dont know what im going to do!

i will keep you posted on everything to come.

The mastermind behind it all