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2002-11-15 00:15:48 (UTC)

November 14, 2002 2:30PM (Thursday)

I had two really weird dreams. One on Sunday night and one
on Wednesday night. I'm going to record them here. If
anyone that is reading this diary has an idea what my
dreams could mean, please email me and let me know what you
think. Thanks.

Sunday Night: Ok, before I can tell you this dream I have
to first tell you a little bit about what went on Sunday
Night before I went to sleep... I had Katie, this 13 year
old mormon girl spend the night at my house. She has really
crooked teeth and is insecure about them. It's like the
biggest desire of her heart that her teeth would be
straightened. Her parents don't have any insurance though
and they can't afford to get her braces. Now, I totally
understand what she's feeling because I've always had bad
teeth myself. I've always been insecure about my teeth
because my mom couldn't afford to take me to get my teeth
fixed for the longest time. Right now in this time of my
life I can't really afford it either. I've just learned to
live with my teeth the way they are, at least until I can
afford to get them fixed. But, I felt so bad for Katie
because she's 13 and I know how it must be to go to school
with her teeth crooked. I prayed over her teeth. I prayed
with the authority that was given me from Christ. I prayed
that her teeth would be straightened and whitened
supernaturally. After I prayed the first time, she said
that her teeth felt numb. I prayed once more and she said
they felt even more numb. I felt the love of God in me. I
felt like God was there. Well, her teeth didn't get
straightened. Elizabeth (Who was also there that night, we
were actually in her room) and Katie were fighting. I felt
like Katie was hurting and I told her. I mean, she's had a
lot of drama in her lifetime and she's only 13 but that's a
whole other story. So, we went to sleep. I felt really bad
because Katie's teeth didn't get straightened. I just layed
there praying over her in my prayer language and comforting
her. She said it was relaxing when I prayed that way. When
I finally got to sleep, this is when I had the dream. And
here it goes...

I had a dream that I was in Pastor Tony's car (Pastor
Jose's wife at my church) and I was sitting in the
passenger seat. I was looking out of the window and there
was a huge beast staring at me. He looked burly, big eyes,
big head, brown eyes and brown fur, I could see his teeth.
That's really all I remember about his appearance. He
didn't necessarily look like an ape or a demon but he
reminded me of both. The first thing I thought was...
ape... and then by the way he was grinning at me I
thought... demon. He had an evil smirk on his face as if he
knew something that I didn't. I wasn't terrified but I was
a little scared. I felt annoyed, scared, and yet a little
curious. No words were spoken. I started to try and roll up
the window but instead of going up it went down. When I
finally got it start rolling up it wouldn't roll up fast
enough. I was feeling confused, almost perplexed that this
creature hadn't already tried to grap me. He just stood
there, staring. Finally I got the window most of the way
up. Next thing I knew I was in a bathroom looking in the
mirror. I was looking at my teeth and watching them fall
out of my mouth in tiny peices. I started to wash my mouth
out with water and lots of peices kept coming out with the
water. There ended up being a pile of my teeth in the sink
and I tried to wash them down the drain. I looked in the
mirror and was disgusted. A lot of my teeth were missing.
The bottoms of my lower teeth had come out. It was as if
the upper part of my lower teeth was floating just above my
gums. Then I woke up. I woke up and I remember the first
thing I did was run my tongue along my teeth to make sure
they were there. That was such a weird dream.

I was awake pondering the meaning of my dream. I couldn’t
think of what it could mean but I remembered that the part
of my dream where my teeth was falling out, I’ve had dreams
of that happening before. I’ve had a few dreams where my
teeth would fall out when I lived in California.

Monday night Katie went home and I was sleeping in
Elizabeth’s room with her. Or at least I was trying to.
After I a while I decided I needed to go try and sleep in
the guest room because Elizabeth was snoring and breathing
way too loud for me to sleep. So, I went in the guest room
and lay down. After about 5 or 10 minutes I started to feel
a numbing sensation on my arm. It was a weird sensation.
It’s hard to describe but it felt as if a force or a wind
had touched me and put a sensation on my arm. I wasn’t
scared but I felt a little worried. The first thing that
came to my mind was the creature from my dream on Sunday
Night. The ape/demon/beast or whatever it was. Then I
started to wonder what could be going on. As I was thinking
I started to feel that this presence in the house was given
permission to come in. I just went to Elizabeth’s room to
sleep and everything was ok after that.

Tuesday morning I was in the car with Robbie and I told her
about the presence I felt in the guest room the night
before. I had a feeling that I should ask her if she knew
what astral projection was again. She said she didn’t know.
So, I kept on bugging her because I remembered that when I
first met her I asked her the same question and she told me
that she did know what it was. She even told me about all
the kinds of cool things you can do and the cool people you
can meet when you do soul traveling. She started acting
weird. Finally, she told me she did know what astral
projection was but she’s never done it. Oh my god, next
thing that happened was that I got a feeling that she might
really know how to astral project and what if she does it.
Like, I had a feeling that she could even be watching me in
the nighttime. It seems weird but when I lived in
California I used to get the same feeling living with my
dad and this lady named Jen, she was Wiccan. I used to fear
that her and her boyfriend were watching me. I thought some
more. I had a feeling that I couldn’t make a spirit leave
the house I live in even if I wanted to. The reason I was
feeling that way is because the people I live with allow
them in. By the things they are in to and the things they
do. Robbie and Elizabeth’s mom are lesbians together and
Robbie is in to witchcraft and the new age type of stuff.
So, Tuesday I felt like they don’t even know what they’re
opening themselves up to. I mean, they don’t even know that
when you do the kinds of things they’re doing it gives
Satan legal right to mess with your life.

Tuesday night was boring.

On Wednesday night November 13th I had another dream. In
this dream I walked in to a room and there was my sister’s
boyfriend on the couch and his friend and his friend were
naked. I was like ‘ oops my bad ‘and went over to the
dining room to get some M&M’s from a candy machine they
had. Then my sister Crystal came out and had an attitude.
She didn’t want to let us have too much of her M&M’s so I
just pushed the lever and made them all fall out. Just
despite her. I was trying to get Crystal to help me out
because I felt like something was wrong with me. I told her
to watch as I jumped in the air and began to fly upwards
toward the ceiling. She watched but was impatient. I told
her ‘see I can fly but I can’t come down.’ Something was
wrong with my eyes. I told Crystal and she said she could
tell. Next thing I knew I was in another room and my I was
losing my vision. I couldn’t see. I became blind and I
couldn’t see. I started to pray over my eyes and the more I
prayed the more I got a little bit of my vision back. It
was slow though. My nose, my chin, and my eyes felt numb. I
finally could see enough to get around. I saw two creatures
that were light brown and fury. They were skinny too. They
started to come after me. They reminded me of over sized
stuffed animals but too skinny. Then I woke up. When I woke
up I felt as if I could fly. That dream of me flying is a
repeated dream. I used to have dreams like that all the
time in California. It seems like all I have to do is jump
and I get light enough to fly but when I want to come down
it’s as if I’m too light to come down. It’s a struggle to
get down and most of the time I can’t even come down at
all. It’s scary to think that I could fly but I can’t come
back down. I don’t know what these dreams mean but my
feeling is that it has a lot to do with spiritual warfare.
But I got a crazy imagination so I’m not sure.