Soul Searcher
2001-08-16 13:21:20 (UTC)

August 16, 2001

Well, life so sucks right now. I am living with my sis Jen
and not that it is hard to live with her, but I feel like I
have no Privacy or freedom. Josh will be great one day and
just the same as before the next. I have no idea what I am
doing. I feel like I am going to explode. I just want to
be alone sometimes to think and that oppurtunity never
comes. Every one keeps teling me that Josh will never
change and I get that feeling too, but I am so afraid of
making a mistake, but if there is something better out
there for me than I want to go find it. I just wish that
Joshua wasn't an issue. I will always have t keep Josh in
my life now because of the baby. I will forever have to
look at his face and remember how he helped to mess up my
life. I wish that someone would give me all the answers
but I guess that's not going to happen right? I just hope
that I make wise decisions.